What You Should Know About School Physicals in Lake Charles

As kids prepare to return to school this summer, many are ready to get back to the friends and activities they’ve been missing. This includes joining clubs and sports teams in the new school year. The memories that children build with their friends participating in these extracurricular activities can last a lifetime. But, before students can begin, it’s important to ensure that they are in good health before engaging in physically demanding sports. This is why school physicals are required by the Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA). These examinations are designed to get a clear picture of a student’s ability to participate in physical activities. And they can help kids avoid potential harm by making sure they are fit to play. Lake Charles Urgent Care offers school physicals for students in Lake Charles to help get them ready for the coming season. 

Learn more about sports physicals to understand the process as well as what’s required for these examinations. And learn how you can get fast, convenient school physicals from your nearest Lake Charles Urgent Care.

What Do Sports Physicals Cover?

The LHSAA was established in 1920 in order to regulate and improve high school interscholastic athletic programs. Students must meet the requirements of the LHSAA Medical History Evaluation in order to be cleared to play. This evaluation contains questions about the medical history of the student’s family, the student’s orthopedic history, and the student’s own medical history. 

For example, does the athlete have family members under the age of 50 who have suffered heart attack or heart disease, stroke, diabetes, or high blood pressure? If so, these conditions must be noted. 

Some conditions can be hereditary, which means that children may inherit them from other family members without knowing it. This is why family health information can help in evaluating potential risks that an athlete may not be aware of. And it can help to ensure their safety as well as the safety of others. If the athlete has experienced heart murmur, seizures, kidney disease, and other conditions, those must be noted as well. 

What’s Included in a Physical Examination?

In addition to answering health-related questions, students seeking school physicals in Lake Charles must also pass a physical examination given by a healthcare professional. The lungs, heart, abdomen, and skin are checked for abnormalities. Athletes must also undergo an orthopedic exam of the spine, neck, upper extremities, and lower extremities. This portion of the physical examination helps to ensure that the student is ready to participate in physically demanding activities. 

Where Can I Find School Physicals in Lake Charles?

Now that you know more about the process, it helps to know where you can find school physicals in Lake Charles. At Lake Charles Urgent Care, we provide convenient sports physical exams to clear students and get them ready to play. Check-in today at our Country Club Road or Ryan Street location to get started. And walk-ins are always welcome. So, if you’re searching for school physicals in Lake Charles or non-emergency healthcare services, we’re always here for you.