Spring is here, time to go outside and get active!

Spring is here, and with it, warm weather that many people have been looking forward to for months. Popular sports such as baseball, tennis, and swimming can be enjoyed again, which is a relief to many who like to be active, and especially to parents with active children. However, with this increase in activity can come scrapes, bruises, and occasionally more serious injuries.

While playing sports and being active can result in a sprain or cut at any time of year, they can be more common in the spring when people are readjusting to new territory. It’s also common for people who were less active during the winter to overdo it once things start warming up. While Lake Charles Urgent Care can certainly help you deal with some of these aches and pains, it’s better to avoid them to begin with. So we have some advice to help you skip the limping and keep having fun outdoors.

The Weather Isn’t The Only Thing That Should Warm Up

One of the best pieces of advice Lake Charles Urgent Care can give is to not go full speed right away. The temptation to jump into your summer workout routine is strong, especially for those who love the outside. But if you’ve been less active during the winter months, it’s better to start off slow and work your way into the level of activity that you use to have. By moderating your pace at first and ramping up slowly, you can avoid causing muscle strain.

Another good way to avoid hurting yourself is to warm up before you exercise. Everyone is guilty of skipping this part of the workout from time to time. However, in this case it’s a really good idea. By warming up before you start working out, you’re reducing strain on both your joints and muscles, and the possibility of hurting yourself.

Let’s Get Physical

And finally, before you jump back into your old sports, health experts recommend you get a physical to make sure that you’re not missing any warning signs that could result in an injury. In addition to being able to help you manage minor injuries and illnesses, Lake Charles Urgent Care also offers physical examinations for any athletes that may be in your home.

Feel Better. Faster!

Lake Charles Urgent Care is no stranger to the occasional sport related injury. We’re capable of handing sprains, strains, and minor lacerations. We’re also able to treat illnesses, so if you also have spring allergies we can help with that too. While you can walk in at any time, you can also check in to the clinic online to shorten your wait. However, if you are experiencing a medical emergency such as a severe bone breakage, shortness of breath, or chest pain, head straight to the ER.

Lake Charles Urgent Care is dedicated to offering our patients the highest level of healthcare by serving you with respect, integrity, and the never-ending drive to help everyone who comes into our clinics.