Why choose flu shots in Lake Charles?

By now, most people have heard about the importance of getting the seasonal flu vaccine. Every year, new vaccines are prepared to combat the strains predicted to be the most virulent during that period. And getting vaccinated can help to keep individuals as well as the communities they live in safer from infection. However, even though flu shots are available in Lake Charles and across the United States each season, many people choose not to safeguard themselves. They may not think their risk of contracting the flu is very high. Or, they may believe their immune system is more than capable of fighting off these viruses on its own. But this kind of thinking can be shortsighted. And it’s something that many individuals who don’t get the vaccine can regret later on. 

At Lake Charles Urgent Care, our dedicated healthcare professionals keep communities safer with quick and convenient flu shot services. Learn why these vaccines can play a crucial role in keeping individuals—and those around them—safer and healthier.

Why Flu Vaccines Can Be the Best Choice for Your Health

Some people think of influenza as a single virus, but that is not the case. In reality, “the flu” functions as a catch-all term used to describe many strains of highly contagious influenza diseases that target the respiratory system. Much like we’ve seen recently with COVID-19 and its strains, these viruses evolve and develop different characteristics. This is why it can be especially challenging for researchers to determine which flu strains will be the most virulent of the season. This process must occur before vaccine production, usually starting about six months prior to them becoming available to the public. 

Unfortunately, this long period can leave a lot of time for another strain to develop into the most dominant version of the flu season. And sometimes that is exactly what happens. But, even in these cases, healthcare professionals still recommend that people in Lake Charles and across the U.S. get their flu shots.

According to a 2021 study, flu vaccinations correlated with a 26% lower risk of ICU admission and a 31% lower risk of death compared to unvaccinated individuals. In 2020, the flu vaccines prevented an estimated 7.5 million influenza illnesses according to the CDC. And, even when the season’s vaccine doesn’t line up with the most popular flu strain, it can still provide an additional layer of protection against hospitalization and death for the vaccinated. For these reasons, it almost always makes the most sense to get your flu vaccine each year. When you can choose between extra protection against a potentially deadly disease or no protection, the choice is clear.

Do You Need Flu Shots in Lake Charles?

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